DCW Édition is a French lighting brand, born in 2008 thanks to the support and creativity of the two founders Philippe Cazer and Fred Winkler. Both were able to capture the essence of old classics and then transformed them into modern design objects. The company understood the originality of the work of famous inventors who in the past carried out numerous projects and thanks to the use of these previous work plans it was then possible to create and produce new and better creations.

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Over the years the DCW Édition brand has become more and more famous, obtaining numerous awards that have allowed it to carry out further projects. 2014 is the year of the launch of the first Gras Outdoor lamps in XL format; instead, 2015 sees the important participation in Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition, a biennial event that sees many exhibitors present their works or projects related to the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the field of outdoor lighting, indoor, industrial, events and shows lighting, a sector that is now not only decorative but increasingly attentive to eco-sustainability and energy saving.


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