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Gandia Blasco

Family company Gandia Blasco Group was founded by José Gandía Blasco in the 1940s and reinvented by his son José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, the current Chairman, together with his team led by Sergio Pastor, Director General.

Gandia Blasco Group is 79 years old without forgetting its roots: a long journey that began in the Valencia textile industry in 1941, moving to the design of furniture and outdoor spaces in the mid-90s and now distributed in more than 90 countries on the 5 continents as well as in its own showrooms.
79 years later, 2 generations continue in the Gandia Blasco Group team, José and his children: Álvaro, Commercial Director and Vice President of the company; and Alejandra, Deputy Creative Director and Communications and Creative Director for Diabla.

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GANDIABLASCO is the main brand of the Gandia Blasco Group. It specializes in outdoor furniture, accessories and outdoor spaces of architectural nature, all linked to a Mediterranean lifestyle born over 20 years ago, inspired by Ibiza’s vernacular architecture and the passion for outdoor life of the President and Creative Director of the company, José A. Gandía-Blasco.


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