In the second half of the 20th century,  in the South of Verona, Aldo Morelato founded his “Casa Rossa”, an artisan workshop, the original core of the present company. Aldo Morelato imposes his competence and professionalism as a reference, for an as complex and as refined production, for what is called style furniture.

Today the Morelato furniture expresses the experience and passion, which over generations have brought this production to the industrial synthesis of traditional manufacture techniques performed by a highly skilled workforce. From the original workshop, which performed carvings and inlays, the company has become an internationally well-known firm able to communicate also in a contemporary and minimalist style.

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The construction of style furniture requires a careful study of the models, an attentive design and selection of materials, and a construction same as for a piece of art. This is the characteristic which distinguishes the Morelato company. A balance between continuity and innovation, able to consider the suggestions and necessities of contemporary life. The company’s new identity is especially expressed in the project field. Distinctive products with a strong identity are produced thanks to the co-operation of a team of architects and designers of international fame with master cabinet makers able to make prestigious high quality furniture.


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