Ozzio Italia


Ozzio Italia

Ozzio was born from the business venture of the Pozzoli Group, in the Brianza area, at the beginning of the year sixties, one of the most fervent period for the design. It presented itself as a powerful productive reality, being able to renovate life styles and the living concept itself, through an offer of functional and logical products of great performances.

Ozzio wants to be partner of quality oriented Italian retailer while developing a strong presence on international market. The company is also now organized to satisfy important value anywhere in the world. The research for a total quality and a steady improving of the product are the mission of the company, who keeps the final client at the center of its projects for the interior design.

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An original case history where the company is busy in producing functional objects for the maximization of the space. A concrete answer to the steady lack of space typical of contemporary life. A complete collection of space saving products, either dynamics performing, coming from patented studies, original and brand-oriented.


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