The company Porada was established in 1948 by Luigi Allievi with the help of his four sons. Porada collection is the result of proper combining of technological processes with the artisan tradition of this area. The collaboration with many creative designers like Tarcisio Colzani, Carlo Ballabio, Marconato e Zappa, Opera Design, Studio Buratti, David Dolcini, Stefano Bigi and Emmanuel Gallina made the company strong at international level, and its elegant taste is now worldwide known. A style established years ago by Luigi Allievi and still alive in the company’s current collection.

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The word “modernity” is often associated to the concepts of cold perfection and minimal look. Porada wants to change this kind of mood combining in its products shape and substance, elegant appearance and emotional beauty, giving to its furniture a perfect design together with traditional manufacturing. Porada’s aim is to create timeless elegant furniture that can stay in every modern home and last forever. Design goes together with functionality, so that in every product you can find both shape and substance, aesthetical taste and utility. Timeless pieces, alluring shapes, international taste, simply Porada.


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