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Rugs and carpets are a main element in the interior design

Rugs are a fundamental element in the design of interior spaces and often they are not taken into consideration. In fact, they allow you to define the function area (e.g. living room or dining area) and create the group between the different furnishing elements, delimiting the space and at the same time contributing to the general scheme of colors and materials. Carpets and rugs represent an extremely various world: in factthere are many manufacturing types and productionmethods, and also many materials are involved. For these reasons you can find a wide range of prices, which allows you to find the right solution for your specific needs. In addition, many models can be produced custom made up to the centimeter, and also in special shapes.

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many manufacturing methods and materials available

The main materials available are silk, wool of various types, viscose, cotton, bamboo and various types of synthetic fibers. The height of the pile/yarn also affect the aesthetic appearance and the ease of maintenance. Arredamenti Bernasconi offers you its extensive experience on this theme, with a wide assortment of samples and full rugs (some of them are even unique pieces).



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